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Sept 6th,2018 Delray Beach, FL- Zivak invites clinical chemistry and drug testing laboratory suppliers to join its vendor network in the US for FX-2000 LC UHPLC walk away sample prep systems.

ZIVAK has launched a walk away UHPLC with a built in fully automated sample preparation platform that ensures security to the lab against any user mistakes, the FX-2000 LC.  It is ready for the US market and has started to become indispensable for all LC-MS systems.

Stand out in the drug testing /clinical chemistry laboratory industry by becoming a Zivak FX-2000 vendor. Be assured that you are offering the most reliable, effective, problem solver. As well as whatever products are needed that make working with laboratory owners/lab directors who are running LC-MS systems easier and more rewarding than ever.

You can help your customers’ understanding of what FX-2000 LC does with a product demo by Zivak’s engineers. The engineers can be sent to each individual laboratory. Zivak ensures perfect handling along with installation, set-up, connection to MS, and after-sale service for FX-2000 LC with a product warranty.

It’s good to be able to believe in the products you offer, isn’t it?  You just need to propose FX-2000 LC to your customer and Zivak will do the rest on behalf of you.

 With Zivak, you also get the following benefits:


What is Zivak FX-2000 LC?


A walk away UHPLC with a built in fully automated sample preparation platform for LC MS/MS systems. Zivak FX-2000 is a unique system which covers all sample prep steps and does full automation from beginning to end, the only one in the world. Our system can be connected to any brand MS. Lab tech only loads the samples with primary sample tubes and you will receive accurate results from MS.


Zivak FX-2000 turns all LC/MS’ into fully automatic walk away system, in order to do so, it is designed with following functions:


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