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FX-2000 Flexible UHPLC System

FX-2000 Flexible UHPLC System


Zivak Technologies has launched a new UHPLC system! 

FX-2000 is a fully automated UHPLC system with optional sample preparation and detection modules. This system aims at: 
 Fully automatizing your chromatography analysis 
 Eliminating user errors caused by manual sample preparation 
 Addressing low throughput problem in chromatography analysis 
 Lowering the cost of analysis 
 Turning your mass spectrometry device into a convenient tool, a real walk away analyser for routine analysis. 

FX-2000 allows you to compose your own fully automated UHPLC system tailored to the needs of your laboratory. Zivak Technologies offers a wide range of sample preparation module, UHPLC pump, degasser and detector options to choose from so you can design what is best suited to your analysis. The optional modules do not have to be placed in certain spots, you arrange the interior design of the instrument at your convenience. 

FX-2000 can be connected to any brand or model of mass spectrometry device and turns your mass spectrometer into a real walk away analyser. 

All sample preparation steps are carried out by fully automated modules, eliminating user errors caused by manual sample preparation. As all Zivak analysers, FX-2000 injects from closed cap primary sample collection tubes, you never have to worry about contamination. Thanks to its Liquid Level Detection capability, sample volume is no longer an issue. You do not have to use special vials for this system. FX-2000 works with standard sample collection tubes. 

FX-2000 will enable your mass spectrometer to become a convenient tool for routine analysis by lowering the cost of analysis, delivering solution to low throughput problem in chromatography analysis and eliminating user errors with its fully automated sample preparation modules. 

With FX-2000 Flexible UHPLC System, all you have to do is to place your primary sample collection tubes and get results. You will not be bothered by opening sample tube caps or sample transferring.

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