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Vitamin A-E Serum HPLC Analysis Kit

Vitamin A-E Serum HPLC Analysis Kit

Zivak Vitamin A-E HPLC Analysis Kit was developed for rapid, sensitive and reliable quantitative detection of the Vitamin A-E concentrations in human serum samples and it gives results in 8 minutes with minimal sample preparation. Main methods and procedures that we selected are based on EN ISO 13485 and 98/79/EC.

The level of vitamin A in the plasma or serum is a reflection of the quantities of vitamin A and carotene ingested and absorbed by the intestine.

Vitamin A plays an essential role in the function of the retina (adaptation to dim light), is necessary for growth and differentiation of epithelial tissue, and is required for growth of bone, reproduction, and embryonic development. Together with certain carotenoids, vitamin A enhances immune function, reducing the consequences of some infectious diseases. Vitamin A in excess can be toxic.

Vitamin E contributes to the normal maintenance of biomembranes, the vascular system, and the nervous systems; and provides antioxidant protection for vitamin A. Deficiency of vitamin E in children leads to reversible motor and sensory neuropathies; this problem also has been suspected in adults.

Deficiencies of vitamins A and E may arise from poor nutrition or from intestinal malabsorption. People, especially children, at risk include those with bowel disease, pancreatic disease, chronic cholestasis, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, and intestinal lymphangiectasia.

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Materials Supplied

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1x 50ml

Reagent 1, Contains aqueous buffer


1x 40ml

Reagent 2, Contains deuterated internal standard


1x 0,5 L

Washing Solution


1x 2,5 L

Mobile Phase, Contains organic solvent


1 x 1 pc

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1 x 5 ml

Lyophilized Serum Calibrator Level 1


1 x 5 ml

Lyophilized Serum Control Level 1


1 x 5 ml

Lyophilized Serum Control Level 2


1 pcs

Zivak Vitamin A-E Serum HPLC Analytical Column


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