Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are all available. Optimisation is required only.

Yes, you can buy all Zivak analysis kits separately and you don't have to buy Zivak instruments or analysers to have Zivak analysis kits. Zivak kits are suitable for any LC-MS/MS or HPLC system.

Zivak Organic Acids Analysis kit is a quantitative test kit which ables you to measure 55 major organic acids quantitatively in a single run.

Please visit Contacts via the link below, you can find our distributors at the bottom of the page.

Not yet. It is now only available for Zivak Tandem Gold LC-MS/MS System. However, NeoZin is an Evaluation Software which makes calculation process easier and so Neonatal Screening kit is suitable for any LC-MS/MS system without evaluation software.

Please contact us for this answer, so we can explain you in detail why you'd rather LC-MS/MS..

Zivak HB-100 Analyser has a sample tube inversion system which is designed for this purpose.

Zivak Multitasker is a sample preparation and injection system. For automated sample preparation, you can use Zivak Multitasker for all automated Zivak analysis kits with a sufficient design.

Furtermore, Zivak Multitasker is an autosampler as well, so you can use it for all your analyses without sample preparation process, it is only for injection.

For more, please email us about the analyses you are interested in so we can give you more information about configurations.

No, we don’t have separate kit for MMA. But our OA Urine kit including MMA as analyte.

I added a presentation for comparing LC-MS/MS and Ninhydrin methods. But the best wayis running amino acids on their MS.  They will see the difference for sample preparation and peak evaluation. I also added a comparison experiment which we make with accredited lab in Turkey which using AAA analyzer 
ninhydrin method.

No, our kit is measuring total metanephrines in Urine. Plasma total metanephrines and urinary fractionated or total metanephrines are determined after urine or plasma samples are subjected to acid hydrolysis or enzymatic deconjugation with sulfatase. This liberates free metanephrines from the sulfate-conjugated metabolites. Plasma concentrations of total metanephrines (i.e., free plus conjugated metanephrines) are 20- to 30-fold higher than free metanephrines and therefore largely reflect conjugated metanephrines, metabolites different from the free metanephrines. In assays of urinary metanephrines, the difference is even larger, with free metanephrines representing a small proportion (<3%) of the total measured as free plus conjugated metanephrines

System is 2 x 18000 psi isocratic pump with high pressure gradient

10) What are the options for UV Detector on Multitasker. Please send specs and pricing. Can the same UV detector be used for all our kits.
we have only have one variable wavelength UV-Vis detector , HB has single wave UV and VD has single high sensitivity wavelength UV

There is no need to connect multitasker to any HPLC because it is already automated UHPLC system if you wish you can connect LC detectors via A/D convertor. 
Is the A/D Converter already comes with standard configuration of Multitasker. ? ,
No. A/D converter is a separate module. You have to order. List price is 2630 USD. You can apply your discount according to your dealer agreement.
What if the customer wants to use their own HPLC and wants to reduce the cost of the pumps?
I don’t suggest that way. Because RT’s are depends on the pump type. Our methods and kits are validated with our pumps.